Hills Ballet School - Dance and ballet classes in the Adelaide Hills


Little Tiptoes (18 months - 3 years)

Little Tiptoes is the perfect class to introduce your littlest dancer to the world of ballet and movement. Using classical ballet music, action songs, nursery rhymes and many other musical styles, we explore a different theme each term.

This class is specifically designed to meet the needs of toddlers. At Hills Ballet School we understand the world of our littlest dancers and love to see them embrace dance and movement.

We encourage carers to take an active role and support dancers as they learn how to explore dance in a group environment. We have lots of tips to help our Little Tiptoe's ballerinas and danseurs settle in to their new environment and make it an exciting place to explore the creative arts.

Leap into Dance (3 - 5 years)

When your dancer is ready to dance independently he/she is ready to "Leap into Dance". In this class we begin to introduce more fundamental ballet concepts but still explore dance in a fun creative way.

Through a termly theme we creatively explore and develop our dancers' gross motor skills to help prepare them for kindy and school. Each term ends with a sharing of dance so we can share all the wonderful new skills we have learned.

Pre-Primary/Primary Ballet (5 - 7 years)

When dancers reach school age they are ready for a little more structure in their ballet class.

We draw upon the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for our lessons, which encourages a great deal of creativity while still developing the foundations of a classical ballet technique. We make sure we maintain the fun and energy of our younger classes and use a range of music to inspire young dancers.

Children at this age have the opportunity to begin to take Ballet Examinations should they choose to.

Grade 1 - 4 Ballet (7 - 12 years)

By this level our ballerinas and danseurs have a good understanding of ballet basics. They are starting to dance with more understanding about posture and dance sequencing and are developing an ability to talk about ballet and dance using the correct terminology.

We explore open classes (unset exercises) as well as working towards the Royal Academy of Dance Grade Examinations.

There is no requirement for students to sit their exams however we encourage all of our students to work to their best. Most importantly we encourage them to have fun and enjoy the challenges!


Specifically designed for boys who love to move and groove, this class is fast moving and full of fun!

Locomotion has been created to give your little boy the dance foundation he needs, developing coordination, body awareness, rhythm and a joy of movement.


These classes are lots of fun and a little bit noisy, we love the rhythms of our tap classes. Tap introduces our dancers to new musical styles and helps develop musicality and great team work.

Dancers are able to hire tap shoes from us when available and need to be attending a ballet, contemporary or musical theatre class to take part as our tap classes are only 30 minutes.

Musical Theatre

Hills Ballet School is very excited to be continuing our Musical Theatre classes in 2018. Aimed at children from approximately 8 years of age, these classes will explore songs from popular musicals whilst developing singing, stage craft, dance and performance skills. Performers will be taught by a singing teacher and a dance teacher to help develop strong techniques. We hope to share our work at the end of each term in an informal setting with friends and family.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a very expressive form of dance that draws on movement from most other dance forms to create a fascinating movement vocabulary. During our contemporary classes we use a range of music to inspire and explore how our bodies respond to different musical genres.

Adult Contemporary

In a Contemporary Dance class with Tanya you can expect a Slow and Silent warm up, Moves to Music that are easy to follow, fun and utilise the whole body throughout the space, and culminates with Creative Choreography that uses some of the basic moves learnt throughout the class and builds up on the class before.